Jea Reese

Director of Operations

Jea Reese ​obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Public Policy from Ashford University. As a visionary leader with excellent management skills and knack for directing school operations, Mrs. Reese has been helping charter schools reach their full potential for over 10 years. Jea has served in many different capacities from administrative assistant to office manager. As the Director of Operations, she leverages her excellent leadership skills and teamwork skills in order to ensure that objectives are completed on time.
With her knowledge, experience and passion for the mission and vision, Savant Preparatory Academy of Business’s daily operations run smoothly because of Mrs. Reese. She oversees facility management. Human resources, student admissions, information and technology, branding, credentialing, procurement and administration operations. Having spent much of her career working in charter schools, Jea has extensive experience leading organizational teams and transformative projects. Professionally, she has managed general and administrative expenses, analytics, finances, and compliance agreements. Jea’s professional exposure has been the foundation of her credible background as she demonstrates proficiency in various accounting and enterprise resource systems.
As a member of the community, Jea takes ownership and responsibility for making sure that students in San Bernardino are reaching their full potential and achieving academic excellence.