Why Savant?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary,  a “savant” is “a person of learning; especially :  one with detailed knowledge in some specialized field”. Therefore, at Savant Preparatory Academy of Business, we want our students to identify their strengths and become masters of their craft. With our guidance, our scholars will develop an intrinsic desire to discover, own, and use their gifts to create businesses that positively influence the future and rebuild our community.

At Savant, we realize that to be educated is not simply to reach mastery in core subjects such as English language arts and math, but to experience an “enlightenment” that will awaken a passion for lifelong learning.   We recognize that a true educational experience will help children develop a sense of purpose that will be the driving force of success for the rest of their lives, and we intend to give children the space to explore their abilities that will make them great entrepreneurs and leaders.