Serving on a parent committee is a great way to earn parent hours. You can work remotely from home or come to the site to help your committee plan phenomenal events for the school.  Some school events/programs that require parent committees are:

  • Orientation 
  • Parent Social
  • Taste of Soul
  • Culture Day 
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • The CookOut
  • Kindergarten Promotion
  • Carpool Volunteer
  • End of Year Party

Please see our Events Calendar and use the link below to sign up to serve on the committee(s) of your choice.  We look forward to working with you and other engaged parents this school year!


Sign Up Here!


The school empowers parents/guardians as educational partners. Parents/Guardians should know that their voice and participation at the school influences the development of the total school and its components. Parents/Guardians will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of meaningful ways at the school site and their presence on campus and assisting teachers in the classroom is most important.


Here at Savant, we want our parents to recognize and carry out their role as active participants in their child(ren)’s education. Therefore, our parents at Savant Preparatory Academy of Business are encouraged to complete 40 volunteer hours. Joyce Epstein, a world renowned expert on parent involvement, has established six categories for school parent involvement programs:


  1. Parenting, in which schools help families with their parenting skills by providing information on children’s developmental stages and offering advice on learning-friendly home environments;
  2. Communicating, or working to educate families about their child’s progress and school services and providing opportunities for parents to communicate with the school;
  3. Volunteering, which ranges from offering opportunities for parents to visit their child’s school to finding ways to recruit and train them to work in the school or classroom;
  4. Learning at home, in which schools and educators share ideas to promote at-home learning through high expectations and strategies so parents can monitor and help with homework.
  5. Decision-making, in which schools include families as partners in school organizations, advisory panels, and similar committees.
  6. Community collaboration, a two-way outreach strategy in which community or business groups are involved in education and schools encourage family participation in the community.


These categories help provide a framework for the types of involvement that we want our parents to be engaged in. To encourage parents to meet the 40-hour requirement for the year, parents should attempt to participate in at least one activity from each category. 


Department of Justice Checks 

Before authorizing any person to serve as a volunteer working with students who is not directly supervised by site personnel, the school shall ask the Department of Justice to conduct an automated records check. Volunteers shall not begin to work with students until all checks are completed, and shall be informed that the school is conducting this records search. Volunteers having continuous contact with students shall undergo fingerprinting pursuant to Education Code 45125. (Education Code 45106, 45125, 45347, 45349) at their own expense.