Mrs. Baza

Mrs. Baza was born in Puebla, Mexico and grew up in East Los Angeles. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin America and Latinx Studies from UC Santa Cruz. She then received a Master of Arts in Urban Education with a concentration in Educational Policy and Administration. She taught in a LAUSD charter school for three years and she is excited to begin her journey at Savant.

Her educational philosophy is that all students can succeed when they are provided with the proper support. She believes all students learn and grow at different rates and it is the student’s caregivers and teacher’s responsibility to support students so they can excel and receive an equitable education.

She chose Savant because students are provided with the tools to be financially literate at a young age. She believes that economic factors play a big role in a human’s life experience, and by providing students with this information it will help them navigate everyday life.