Ms. Witherspoon - Teacher

Ms. Witherspoon

A’vay Witherspoon has been teaching and working in the field of Education since 2009. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, Bakersfield and is currently obtaining both a teaching credential and master’s degree in Elementary Education from University of Phoenix.

Ms. Witherspoon’s teaching philosophy is that students of any and every age can impact this world in a positive way, if given the correct tools. By focusing on making sure each student that enters her classroom is aware of the society they live in and leaves inspired to change it.

Ms. Witherspoon began her career in Education by teaching in a Juvenile Detention Center. Seeing the hardship each student had experienced, sparked a passion to become further involved with students faced with daily adversities. She chose Savant Preparatory Academy of Business because of the impact they have on the city of San Bernardino. Savant gives minority students the tools to overcome their circumstances. A’vay is proud to be a part of this mission, and is looking forward to further impacting her community and the students of Savant.