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Ms. Vitto

Mrs. AmberMarie Vitto is a credentialed teacher who has been teaching in San Bernardino since 2014, starting her career in Preschool Administration, she found her way into Early Elementary Teaching. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential from California Baptist University. AmberMarie Vitto is currently working on her master’s degree in Education from California Baptist University.

Ms. Vitto’s educational philosophy is that all students deserve the opportunity to gain a rich and wholesome education that is supported by a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature intellectually. It is her desire as an educator to assist students throughout their journeys to meet their fullest potential academically. There are three elements that Ms. Vitto believes are conducive to establishing such an environment; the teacher acting as a guide with a reflective growth mindset, allowing the scholar’s natural curiosity to direct their success as an individual, and promoting respect for all things and all people whom we form relationships with.

Ms. Vitto has chosen Savant Prep because she recognizes the school’s ability to beat the gap and provide students with the opportunity to succeed. After teaching in both the charter and private school atmosphere, Ms. Vitto was ready to take on a new journey as part of the Savant Prep family in order to serve families who are in the most need of a dedicated and loving classroom environment.