Ms. Ross

7 years of uncredentialed teaching: Tutoring and subbing. 

I received my B.A in Liberal Studies from California State University of San Bernardino.

The most crucial characteristic an educator needs to develop is vulnerability. It is important for students to know that teachers are just as human as they are. Teachers need to be vulnerable enough to apologies for tempers, to admit when they’ve made a mistake, and when they genuinely do not know the answers. Many students are disconnected with school because of their fear of failing tests, standards and expectations. If we allow students the freedom to make mistakes, then they’re compelled to try again and learn. Vulnerability is the rejection of perfectionism and the acceptance of new things. When people are not afraid of judgment and criticism, they allow themselves to be genuine. Vulnerability is the key element of happiness and love. Fundamentally, teachers are students’ guides. Teachers are role models. If students are expected to work diligently and to take risks, then teachers must model how to be diligent workers and how to be risk takers. Everything that we want our students to be, we must be. I believe the most important skill students need to cultivate is curiosity and creativity. True knowledge and understanding comes only from the genuine desire to learn. Progress and innovation come from creativity and free thinking. My biggest hope is that all my students past, present and future, know that they are worthy of love and admiration, and that their best is enough. 

As a young educator, I value being around vetern educators who support and uplift one another. Savant is truly a revolutionary phenomenon. When I come to work, I am inspired to strive for excellence. Because of the school’s focus on instilling self-discipline and self-worth, the scholars know their worth and purpose. Therefore, they hold me accountable for being the best educator I can possibly be.  I appreciate Savant’s emphasis on Financial literacy. We are preparing the students for real world success. We are a true community; where teachers look out for every scholar. This strong sense of community along with the children’s personalities, makes coming to work effortless.